Comment entretenir les fenêtres en bois pour qu’elles restent comme neuves?

The surface of wooden elements shall be thoroughly cleaned twice a year with clean water. You should clean dust, insects’ remains and other surface pollutions. 

GORI care set should be applied directly after the assembly process and then biannually (but not during freezing weather). Please, follow instructions from a data sheet. Gaskets should be wiped with talc twice a year to avoid its sticking to varnished surfaces.

Hinges shall be lubricated with grease or oil at least once a year – make sure that all screws are placed in a right position during the lubrication process.

Check any cracks out in the sealer for joints – it may cause moisture penetration. If you observe any damages, please, remove a sealer completely and apply it again.

If you intend to use any adhesive tape, contact its producer whether it is suitable applying it on windows’ wooden surfaces. Some adhesive tapes may cause damages of the coating. Prolonged contact of any adhesive tape with window frame may result in difficulties in its removal and as a consequence, its surface damage.

Clean varnished surfaces should be thoroughly checked by paying special attention to damages. Potential defects shall be treated as follows:

Damaged areas should be sanded with sand paper (granularity 180 to 220) and dusted carefully to remove any pollution. Only damaged spots should be sanded by paying special attention not to sand the base coat. Apply GORI 895 twice to finish the surface using good quality split brush designed for acrylic paints.

If you intend to prolong your window’s life, change its colour or it is necessary to execute some care treatment, a complete re-application of the coating may be helpful. GORI 895 and GORI 894 are products especially designed for external windows and doors which may be applied with brush. They provide a new protection against harmful weather conditions.

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